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Urban Econ

Anton has been working with Urban Econ for the past 10 years. During this time, he has assisted us with many dozens of projects. Anton’s skills and experience in developing the National agri-parks programme in South Africa was particularly useful.

Anton enjoys vast experience in penetrate international markets, assisting special economic zones in the creation of the perfect trading environment as well as in supply chain engineering. Anton has assisted us with many projects, notably with a high-profile client in Zimbabwe in assisting him to link his large farms to special economic zones.

Anton was also active in numerous projects around the proposed Mthatha special economic zone. But it is his particular flair in setting up local, regional, national and even international supply chains that is particularly useful in stimulating upstream primary production through processes of market suction.

Anton is exceptionally gifted in the establishment of agricultural supply chains, particularly as it pertains to product beneficiation on satellite projects, the establishment of the incubation farms for emergent farmers, the introduction of specific technologies in product handling and storage, the design of scheduling mechanisms as well as the eventual process through to the markets.

Anton has been involved with every conceivable agricultural industry for our firm. From aquaculture and forestry, as well as grain and vegetable production to establishing sophisticated protein supply chains, complete with batch processing capabilities, perfectly aligned to the emergent sector.

Finally, Anton has developed a number of interesting supply chain solutions, particularly in aggregating agricultural produce. His over 37 years of agricultural experience has benefited our company immeasurably. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our office.



Matthew Keeley

Regional Office Manager – Eastern Cape

Urban-Econ Development Economist

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