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Essential info for International firms seeking to export to Southern Africa

Essential info for African-based farmers and agribusinesses seeking to export 

Trading in Africa | The AIM Co

Trading in Africa & Beyond

The AIM Co makes it easier to start trading in Africa and beyond. We offer a range of highly tailored solutions that are designed to meet the needs of our customers.


Exporting to Africa

Competitive research and investigation

Aim provides sector investigation of key industries in your target region, along with comprehensive market research to identify and size markets and penetration points quickly and effectively.

Supply chain identification and management

We are able to identify and manage exact supply chains, from the point of import in Southern Africa, all the way to the point of sale. We can also cost this supply chain for easier quoting.

Local permits for easier imports

Aim facilitates direct imports to target markets from experts at no additional cost. This acts much like it would if you had your own office in Africa, making the process far less stressful as a result.

Supply chain analysis

Our detailed supply chain analysis reveals the ideal routing, handling, transport, and bonded warehousing that suits the needs of international exporters.

Value-added services

Aim can assist with inventory control of products in South Africa, staging products for international exporters. Our value-added services are designed to give you as much value as possible without paying a fortune.


Trading from Africa

Strategic partnerships

We form strategic partnerships with individual farmers and agribusiness companies, helping them connect to larger commercial companies.

Accurate, time-sensitive quoting

We remove one of the biggest barriers to trade, which is the inability to quote accurately or timeously. Our quoting instrument considers a wide range of factors, including exchange rate fluctuations, credit guarantee, product volume fluctuation and more.

Access to trade finance

Aim also assists by sourcing trade finance, which in turn ensures that transactions take place within a risk-managed environment.

Primary market investigations

Aim helps SMEs access international markets successfully through investigation of potential trade regions, logistics entry ports, market quantification and many other elements.

Marketing office, trade desk or export office establishment

Aim can also assist companies in developing their own marketing/trading/export desk or office. This is achieved through key market identification, critical path identification, quote instrument design, and other solutions.


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