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Essential info for International firms seeking to export to Southern Africa

Essential info for African-based farmers and agribusinesses seeking to export 


70% + of AIM’s effort is in the field of negotiations and in this regard AIM has managed to achieve tremendous results in market penetration as well as in streamlining the logistics processes of a range of companies, be it in the grain industry, timber industry, vegetable industry, the cattle and sheep industries as well as other niche markets such as the dried food market. 

AIM has also been particularly involved in forming strategic partnerships in primary production as well as the beneficiation of products and services.  AIM has also successfully negotiated funding for a range of projects.  AIM’s primary focus though remains in the area of market exploration.


Aim Grain Trading
Aim Introducing Global Air 61
Aim JV Global Air & Durban City
Aim Ministerial Interactions
Aim Multistakeholder Workshop On Exports
Aim Nigeria Negotiations10 (2)
Aim Nigeria Negotiations11 (5)
Aim Nigerian Governor
Aim Swazi Air Negotiations
Aim Zimbabwe Air Negotiations
Aim Zimbabwe Flower Producers
Aim Zulu Air Negotiations
Aim Arranging Offtake Agreements For Mozambique Rice Grower
Aim Cattle Farmers In South Africa
Aim Consulting Nigeria
Aim Forward Contracting