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Intermodal Agri Parks

AIM was appointed as one of the head consultants nationally in South Africa to explore and consider the intermodal Agri Parks modalities for rural agricultural development in Southern Africa. 

This tremendous responsibility gave AIM the opportunity over a number of years to be able to work with any conceivable agricultural industry in assisting them to attract strategic partners in marketing, logistics, cold chain management as well as in basic product processing (beneficiation). 

AIM is also very proud to have been involved in the resuscitation of a range of Agri Park Hubs in assisting them to be able to access more product as well as improve markets.  At Agri Park level , AIM was particularly involved in the business structuring as well as the development component of these many multi-million rand projects.

Aim 040
Aim 041
Aim 042
Aim 043
Aim 044
Aim 045
Aim 029
Aim 030
Aim 031
Aim 032
Aim 033
Aim 034
Aim 035
Aim 036
Aim 037
Aim 038
Aim 056

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