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Essential info for International firms seeking to export to Southern Africa

Essential info for African-based farmers and agribusinesses seeking to export 

How we assist you

AIM clearly assists small and medium-sized international firms that are unable to send delegations to Africa to consider the marketability of their products and services. This offering enables small and micro enterprises the ability to be able to penetrate African markets at a fraction of the price it would cost them if they had to undertake the investigation themselves.

Conversely, having been thoroughly exposed to the often-polarised position of the Southern African farmer and small business owner over the past 33 years, AIM is well-positioned to be able to tailor solutions that are cost-effective, require considerably less management input and yet effective and risk managed. Solutions are practical and the mechanisms user-friendly.

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AIM offers such firms the added incentive to engage the process by offering the first component of the investigation for free.


We also provide additional value through our informative monthly industry newsletter.

AIM is often approached to assist various groupings or individuals in order to consider the marketability of agri-products in various stages of value adding to and from Africa.

AIM primary assists international firms to find and penetrate markets in Africa, particularly so in Southern Africa. Requests range from considering markets strategically or to consider a sector investigation of the client’s products in Africa. These requests usually require AIM to actually identify and commercially engage such markets in the wake of the full engineering of a quoting instrument that would enable the exporter to be able to quote in the relevant incoterm.

How We Assist You 1

Facilitating one-on-one business opportunities for international clients

How We Assist You 2

Facilitating large workshops and meetings where international buyers are able to engage directly with Southern African farmers. In this case, the venue was Airports Company South Africa

AIM has been instrumental in assisting international firms to source local partners in order to facilitate sustained market penetration.

How We Assist You 3

Facilitating inbound missions in order to be able to gain access to Southern African markets

How We Assist You 4

Delineating opportunities in Agriculture in Southern Africa to interested international parties

AIM has also been very successful in the past in assisting African-based companies to be able to trade locally and nationally and even export successfully or to identify strategic partnerships abroad in order to facilitate increased rate.

How We Assist You 5

Introducing international buyer to Mozambique rice farmer

How We Assist You 6

Introducing international support to Mozambique farmers

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