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Captain Dorego’s

I have known Anton Scheepers for the past five months and during this time he has really impressed me with his skills and experience.

We needed to urgently procure oil, poultry as well chips products for our group. This against the backdrop of high transaction costs due to higher fuel prices that shifted the procurement landscape in South Africa.

Anton not only procured for us poultry and oil at much cheaper prices, but he assisted us in resolving our real problem with French fries and that is the processing of the French fries. Natures Garden and Mc Cain used to supply us with French fries, but due to load shedding they stopped supplying us. Our group was left with a major problem. Enter Anton Scheepers and his company AIM. They sourced us much cheaper quality potatoes and assisted us in developing a product processing facility that is fully containerized and mobile. This has had a massively positive impact on our input costs.

Anton is a rare talent in his agricultural and industrial field, with a tremendous ability to solve problems and think on his feet. We can only recommend him for major challenges in any agricultural and development supply chain and environment.

We will be using Anton for many years to come.



Kiran Moodley

CEO Captain Dorego’s group

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