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We Simplify African Imports and Exports

Since 1996, The AIM Co has been simplifying Africa imports and exports for companies of all sizes. The AIM acronym stands for The Agricultural and Industrial Marketing Company. In short, we deal extensively in these two major industries. Our core offerings are targeted at international businesses agricultural and industrial companies who are hoping to export to African countries. We also continue to assist African agribusinesses in trading both domestically and abroad.


AIM Marketing Manager, Anton Scheepers, founded the company almost three decades ago. As an agricultural economist, his goal was providing his experience and knowledge developed through many years within the Department of Agriculture South Africa, and later, as a respected international agricultural marketing and trade consultant. AIM strives to assist in the export of agricultural products to Africa and other emerging trade areas.

As the company began to grow, AIM began to reposition itself, in order to help international agricultural and industrial companies enjoy full access to the lucrative South African trade market. Thanks to our carefully tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers, we have continued to establish our reputation as a leading trade specialist. We have successfully entered some of the most competitive markets while establishing solid business-to-business relationships with a number of partners across the world.


At AIM, our mission is simple. We help farmers and agribusinesses of varying sizes export successfully into South Africa. We also assist local agribusinesses in their goals of importing from Southern Africa.

AIM has additionally enabled smaller international firms the chance to consider markets for their products and services in Southern Africa without the costs that are often associated with expensive international market investigations. This ensures successful commercial and trading penetration into such markets.


The AIM team comprises a small yet highly skilled team of people who are passionate about investing in Africa. Each member of the team brings considerable experience and expertise to our company. The result is a hard-working team that is on hand to assist with a comprehensive range of duties, from procurement and market penetration all the way through to agricultural economy and consulting. Read our bios below to find out more about the team. Whatever your needs may be, the AIM team is standing by to make Africa imports and exports as stress-free as possible.

Anton Scheepers

Anton Scheepers

Anton Scheepers

Marketing Manager

Anton Scheepers is a leading and highly respected agricultural economist and consultant based out of South Africa.

Anton’s experience extends over 38 years within the Southern African agricultural and agricultural trading/food trading environment.

Anton was a director within the Department of Agriculture where he spearheaded multiple trade and promotional initiatives until 2000, where after he focused his attention exclusively to the management of AIM on a full-time basis serving countless agriculturists and industrialists in trading successfully to and from the African continent.

Bianca Vorster

Bianca Vorster

Bianca Vorster

Projects and Trading

Bianca is a skilled and talented lady that drives the trade portfolio of AIM. Her enthusiasm and management skills make her a key contributor towards AIM’s agricultural projects across the African continent.

At the HQ she is in charge of administration, legal and all commercial transactions. Bianca is a vital member of the team.

Hennie Benade

Hennie Benade

Hennie Benade


Hennie Benade farmed for many years in South Africa, where after he pursued a very successful career within the agricultural business space in South Africa.

Hennie has been working with AIM for the past 8 years and has assisted the firm as a field products procurement director.

Hennie Is particularly adept at the setting up of matchmaking efforts and in penetrating markets.  Hennie’s 35 years of experience within the Southern African agricultural sector has proved invaluable to the firm.

Janet Scheepers

Janet Scheepers

Janet Scheepers


Janet is an exceptionally gifted manager and administrator.

Janet has assisted AIM over the past 23 years to build the business from a very small service orientated agency to becoming the highly respected and compact specialised advisory firm that it is today.

During this time Janet excelled in establishing most of the administrative, system solutions, commercial, as well as operational protocols that the firm currently boasts.

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Anton Scheepers

Tel: +27 63 517 1050


KZN Office:

Hennie Benade

Tel: +27 84 336 8438


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