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3 Lysium

I know Mr. Anton Scheepers well, and have known him for over 6 years. During this time, he consulted to a range of companies that I was associated with and has also provided services to 3Lysium. Anton assisted us with a few projects which included: Infrastructure & Urban Development Proposal for Boane, Maputo Mozambique. This was a joint venture development initiative between Anwaar Majan, the Municipality of Boane and 3Lysium. A Agricultural Free Zone development that was intended to be developed in Xai-Xai, Mozambique. This project was an agreement between Regadio Do Baixo Limpopo, Empresa Publica and 3Lysium Holdings.

I am immensely impressed with Anton’s skill level and obvious experience in the field of project development. He is particularly adept in getting agricultural and industrial projects established in special economic zones as well as in areas that are marginalised from centralised development

When working with us Anton requirements and skills were very primarily targeted towards: setting up of strategic partnerships, promoting production/development nodes to potential investors, compiling development service centres, particularly in Mozambique.

He assisted us immensely in populating the centres from a service profile point of view in order to meet investor’s requirements. The services included the following: market information service, country/regional economic profiling, assisting us to budget out the bills of quantities for construction, promoting and marketing this initiative to government.

His ability to muster business services was simply astounding: production finance, trade finance, Logistics IT, track and trace software, Supply chain engineering to reduce transactional costs, aggregated marketing and the like. 

Working with Anton has been a pleasure for 3Lysium. He is enthusiastic, professional, experienced and very dedicated to delivery and we highly recommend him.

Garth Geanssler
(CEO – 3Lysium Holdings LLC)

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