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  • Building Strategic Partnerships

    Building Strategic Partnerships

  • Overcoming your trade barriers with Africa

    Overcoming your trade barriers with Africa

  • Trading in Africa & Beyond

    Trading in Africa & Beyond

  • Building Strategic Partnerships

    Building Strategic Partnerships

  • Overcoming your trade barriers with Africa

    Overcoming your trade barriers with Africa

  • Trading in Africa & Beyond

    Trading in Africa & Beyond

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Agricultural and Industrial Marketing | The AIM Co

Your cost-effective solution in trading with Africa

Welcome to The AIM Co (The Agricultural and Industrial Marketing Company) – an industrial and agribusiness marketing specialist that assists companies exporting to Southern Africa. We also work with local agribusinesses and manufacturers who wish to import from Africa. We offer a one-stop solution that includes comprehensive market research, investigation, logistics, and management, along with legal and administrative tasks that may be required.

Resuscitating agricultural projects

AIM specialises in the resuscitation of agricultural projects. AIM’s resuscitation effort is usually through a marketing intervention. AIM identifies a local and/or international market and then reverse engineer’s back to the farm in order to determine the production parameters required from the farm. Sometimes an investor is required, preferably one with strong agricultural experience. AIM usually facilitates such introductions.  AIM assists in the raising of capital in order to reach the production requirements. 

Most African clients approach AIM with a struggling agricultural enterprise, to which AIM responds as detailed above.  The resuscitation of projects could require the development of a new agricultural enterprise, a level of value adding, increases production, the introduction of new appropriate and affordable technologies and finally technical information.

Exporting from Africa

If you have been battling to export from Africa, we understand your frustration. This process can be challenging at the best of times. AIM makes the process simpler through tailored solutions that help you find the specific commercial intelligence that you require, offering a quicker and more cost-effective alternative to sending your own delegation.

With over 38 years of experience in agricultural and industrial production in South Africa, we have a solid understanding of the full supply chain, in addition to extensive experience in industrial and agribusiness marketing and trading. We are intimately familiar with the challenges of trading in Southern Africa while staying up to date on the numerous opportunities that exist on the continent. Our expertise, experience, and networks make it easier than ever to export from Africa.

Aim’s Export Marketing Solution

Why invest in our export marketing solution? Here are just a few benefits that can be enjoyed by working with AIM:

  • Affordable, tailored solution that enables you to penetrate markets in Southern Africa.
  • Extensive experience in target regions across Africa.
  • Rapidly transactions with local markets and expertise in regulatory environments.
  • Registered SARS (South African Revenue Services) import and export company.
  • Establishment, maintenance, and operation of the supply chain.
  • Broad-based experience and access to markets across Southern Africa.
  • On-site contact to deal directly with any supply disputes, after-sales service, deal closing, insurance claims or any other situation.
  • All trade contacts and trends are forwarded to international clients through consistent direct interaction with each client’s target markets in Africa.

Invest in Africa

In addition to our solutions designed for exporters into Africa, we also cater to Southern African businesses who are aiming to import goods into the country. As passionate supporters of local and international trade, we are fully committed to helping businesses of all sizes invest in Africa.

Contact us today to learn more about our unique approach to industrial and agribusiness marketing, and we will help you get started.

Our clients say

  • Urban Econ

    Urban Econ

    Anton has been working with Urban Econ for the past 10 years. During this time, he has assisted us with many dozens of projects. Anton’s skills and experience in developing the National agri-parks programme in South Africa was particularly useful.

    Anton enjoys vast experience in penetrate international markets, assisting special economic zones in the creation of the perfect trading environment as well as in supply chain engineering. Anton has assisted us with many projects, notably with a high-profile client in Zimbabwe in assisting him to link his large farms to special economic zones.

    Anton was also active in numerous projects around the proposed Mthatha special economic zone. But it is his particular flair in setting up local, regional, national and even international supply chains that is particularly useful in stimulating upstream primary production through processes of market suction.

    Anton is exceptionally gifted in the establishment of agricultural supply chains, particularly as it pertains to product beneficiation on satellite projects, the establishment of the incubation farms for emergent farmers, the introduction of specific technologies in product handling and storage, the design of scheduling mechanisms as well as the eventual process through to the markets.

    Anton has been involved with every conceivable agricultural industry for our firm. From aquaculture and forestry, as well as grain and vegetable production to establishing sophisticated protein supply chains, complete with batch processing capabilities, perfectly aligned to the emergent sector.

    Finally, Anton has developed a number of interesting supply chain solutions, particularly in aggregating agricultural produce. His over 37 years of agricultural experience has benefited our company immeasurably. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


    Matthew Keeley

    Regional Office Manager – Eastern Cape

    Urban-Econ Development Economist

  • Captain Dorego's

    Captain Dorego's

    I have known Anton Scheepers for the past five months and during this time he has really impressed me with his skills and experience.

    We needed to urgently procure oil, poultry as well chips products for our group. This against the backdrop of high transaction costs due to higher fuel prices that shifted the procurement landscape in South Africa.

    Anton not only procured for us poultry and oil at much cheaper prices, but he assisted us in resolving our real problem with French fries and that is the processing of the French fries. Natures Garden and Mc Cain used to supply us with French fries, but due to load shedding they stopped supplying us. Our group was left with a major problem. Enter Anton Scheepers and his company AIM. They sourced us much cheaper quality potatoes and assisted us in developing a product processing facility that is fully containerized and mobile. This has had a massively positive impact on our input costs.

    Anton is a rare talent in his agricultural and industrial field, with a tremendous ability to solve problems and think on his feet. We can only recommend him for major challenges in any agricultural and development supply chain and environment.

    We will be using Anton for many years to come.


    Kiran Moodley

    CEO Captain Dorego’s group

  • Ecoled Resources

    Ecoled Resources

    With this letter I declared that I have known Anton Scheepers for the past four years. During this time, he has consulted to our company on matters agricultural and industrial development in Africa on African projects. I have found Anton to be an invaluable member to our project team. His skills and experience were able to guide us through very difficult periods in establishing projects and in creating an institutional environment for development centres we designed for African clients. We used Anton for projects in South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania and the DRC.

    We found Anton to be very talented, skilled and experienced in the following:

    • The establishment of an institutional environment – bringing in business support and services at project level
    • His ability to find us strategic partners on these development centres/projects of ours
    • In general, skills and experience and expertise in agricultural and industrial production and particularly in the trading thereof as well.
    • Very impressed with his project promotion and negotiation skills
    • His ability to promote our project clusters was noteworthy. Particularly on Greenfields and Brownfields type activities.

    Anton also played a pivotal role to secure the Southern African rights for a range of temperature loggers in the USA.  These products can be marketed together by the same team at BeeFresh and to the same clients.

    Anton performed his function well in opening the markets for BeeFresh.

    We wish him and his company all the best for the future.

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  • 3Lysium


    I know Mr. Anton Scheepers well, and have known him for over 6 years. During this time, he consulted to a range of companies that I was associated with and has also provided services to 3Lysium. Anton assisted us with a few projects which included: Infrastructure & Urban Development Proposal for Boane, Maputo Mozambique. This was a joint venture development initiative between Anwaar Majan, the Municipality of Boane and 3Lysium. A Agricultural Free Zone development that was intended to be developed in Xai-Xai, Mozambique. This project was an agreement between Regadio Do Baixo Limpopo, Empresa Publica and 3Lysium Holdings.

    I am immensely impressed with Anton’s skill level and obvious experience in the field of project development. He is particularly adept in getting agricultural and industrial projects established in special economic zones as well as in areas that are marginalised from centralised development complexes/agencies.

    When working with us Anton requirements and skills were very primarily targeted towards: setting up of strategic partnerships, promoting production/development nodes to potential investors, compiling development service centres, particularly in Mozambique.

    When working with us Anton requirements and skills were very primarily targeted towards: setting up of strategic partnerships, promoting production/development nodes to potential investors, compiling development service centres, particularly in Mozambique.

    His ability to muster business services was simply astounding: production finance, trade finance, Logistics IT, track and trace software, Supply chain engineering to reduce transactional costs, aggregated marketing and the like.

    Working with Anton has been a pleasure for 3Lysium. He is enthusiastic, professional, experienced and very dedicated to delivery and we highly recommend him.

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  • BEE Fresh

    BEE Fresh

    Re: Anton Scheepers (AIM) assistance to BeeFresh

    Anton Scheepers, through his company AIM, assisted BeeFresh between June and September 2010 as a consultant to develop the South African market for our range of ethylene control products.

    Anton enjoys a very clear understanding of the agricultural industry in South Africa.  His many personal contacts with farmers, industry bodies and associations assisted BeeFresh to quickly get an idea of market size and demand for the ethylene control products of BeeFresh.

    Anton also played a pivotal role to secure the Southern African rights for a range of temperature loggers in the USA.  These products can be marketed together by the same team at BeeFresh and to the same clients.

    Anton performed his function well in opening the markets for BeeFresh.

    We wish him and his company all the best for the future.

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  • SA Trade Hub

    SA Trade Hub

    “Anton served the interests of the Southern African Trade Competiveness Hub (Gaborone: Botswana) in 2007 and 2008 with distinction.

    The goal of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Southern Africa Trade Hub is to increase international competitiveness, intra-regional trade and food security in Southern Africa.

    With a team of regional and international experts based in Gaborone, Botswana, the Trade Hub provides targeted technical assistance to governments, the private sector and civil society organizations to advance regional trade within Southern Africa while incorporating gender integration, environmental compliance and strategic outreach in all activities.

    Anton was directly absorbed with trade facilitation and promotion within the hub. During this time Anton served the hub with professionalism and excellence. Anton is particularly adept at assisting rurally based emergent farmers to produce into sophisticated markets be they locally or internationally. He brings with him a wealth of agricultural market development experience.

    I can absolutely recommend him to serve in any agricultural development environment, particularly where market access is required.”

    Amanda Hilligas, Former Chief of Party: SA Trade Hub, February 2014

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  • EC Province

    EC Province

    Anton Scheepers is one of the most respected rural agricultural development professionals in the country. Anton has had a hand in many green and brown fields rural agricultural development turn-around strategies over the years. He has an absolute flair for working with communities, particularly in transferring technology.

    Mr. Scheepers has been directly involved through statutory structures since 1985 and as a head consultant in agricultural development projects since 2000. Mr. Scheepers is particularly skilled in linking failing projects with markets both locally and abroad and in this way pave the way for a market-led recovery. He served the development clients of my Department with distinction between 2004 and 2012.

    His services and contributions are unique in blending solutions to the real practical issues that communities grapple with on a day-to-day basis, with the demands of modern local and international markets.

    He understands the supply chain very well and has demonstrated his knowledge and ability in setting up strategic joint ventures to enable community-based projects to recover by supplying into newly established high-end/return markets.

    He is an absolute asset to any technical team or agency absorbed with rural community-based projects.

    I strongly recommend Mr. Scheepers also from a professional and dedicated point of view. He is one of those real problem solvers with a never-say-die attitude. He clearly enjoys what he does. He is a joy to work with and delivers excellence!

    Anton Barkhuizen
    Acting Coordinator Extension (PE Metro Sub-Districts)

    Province of the EASTERN CAPE
    Rural Development & Agrarian Reform

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  • City of Tshwane

    City of Tshwane

    On behalf of the City of Tshwane, I take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to the l Tshwane Agricultural Summit, whose main objective was to develop an Integrated Agricultural Development and Support Strategy, Policy and Implementation plan for the City.

    Thank you for being part of the planning process, the “brains” behind the successful event we recently held. Our intention, as stipulated during our planning sessions is to continue in partnership with you on the implementation of the strategy and the promotion of Agriculture in our City.

    If we constantly remind ourselves of the motto “No child will go to bed hungry in Tshwane’, then we will certainly achieve all the goals we have set.

    Once again thank you for your support.

    Tessa Ernest

    Member of the Mayoral Committee: Agriculture and Environmental Management

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  • McCain


    May I comment on why I think (Anton Scheepers) could be a sales and marketing asset, and worthy of your consideration.

    • > 25 years in agriculture in SA and probably >10 years experience in Africa – excellent grounding in SA agricultural trade and trading conditions
    • Given his African and SA experience, he is known by many grain commodity traders and also numerous grain seed traders. He is also known by many farmers and agri industries, importers and exporters.
    • Huge networking base in SADEC agriculture – one of the biggest and widest networks I have ever seen, and thrives on networking.
    • Very good skills in pioneering new business opportunities and a courageous man when it come to new challenges.
    • does the right amount of talking and discussion and planning, then gets into action. He is an action man, more than a talker.
    • Anton is not shy when it comes to working hours and dedication. In fact – this is his one downfall – he tends to work too hard.
    • Excellent sales skills – you will note his contagious enthusiasm and ability when you meet him. Although he not an expert in seed technology his background and agri-understanding will enable him to quickly get up to speed.
    • His marketing skills are also above average and will enable the development of a strong strategic plan, which will be implemented on time, if not before.
    • Although much of his experience is from farm gate to the consumer, he has been involved in many successful “greenfields” projects and other commercial agricultural enterprises – which keep him solidly grounded as an input supplier for farms, seed companies etc.. This is in fact a big advantage as any involvement as input supplier has his clients profit margin in mind, and as such gives him an advantage over others.
    • Given a good company support base in terms of admin, technical and management matters, and relevant guidance when required – he could be a worthy asset for Astec.

    Dr Derek Askew, Commercial Manager – Agriculture
    McCain Foods SA (Pty) Ltd

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  • Karoo Catch

    Karoo Catch

    The Camdeboo Satellite Aquaculture Project is an initiative of the Blue Karoo Trust (BKT) which aims to establish a preserved freshwater fish industry in the Eastern Cape using a farming method called aquaculture, which is “the rearing of aquatic organisms in captivity, and implies interventions in the growth of the organism and ownership of the organism being cultivated.” The freshwater fish produced by the initiative is processed, packaged and sold to a range of customers, inclusive of retail, wholesale, traders, and bulk markets such as caterers and public sector kitchens.

    This letter serves to confirm that the BKT has been working with AIM, and specifically with Mr Anton Scheepers, for the past three (3) years in terms of developing the market for the abovementioned processed products.  During this time, we have come to appreciate AIM for the following attributes:

    • Highly professional performance
    • In-depth industry knowledge and experience on matters relating to agricultural marketing
    • General project management experience and expertise
    • Ability to take innovative and unfamiliar primary products to a range of markets
    • Ability to identify strategic joint venture partners
    • Skill in supply chain engineering
    • Vast experience in dealing with statutory authorities and parastatal funders

    We believe that AIM bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, as they continues to be an invaluable service provider to our company. We have been very satisfied with their effectiveness and efficiency and would not hesitate to recommend AIM to any other organisations.

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  • Longmore


    We as the directors of Longmore Flower Estates, hereafter LFE would like to express our sincere satisfaction and gratitude to the Department of Agriculture for appointing Anton Scheepers of AIM to undertake the project work here at LFE.

    We are very happy with the work he has done to date. Over 20 000 Madiba plants have in fact been delivered. He successfully arranged that 3 ha of land be cleared and cleaned so that the Madib&s can go in and be planted in August of this year.

    We are especially grateful that Mr Scheepers is now our new mentor and he has demonstrated his commitment to this project by arranging that our entire nursery be fixed down to the heating elements being re-fitted, our Strelitzia plants saved and that many hectares of our Sylvia be cleaned and pruned to date. Mr Scheepers also Found us a market for our flowers and assisted us at his expense to harvest and market our Pink Ice harvest.

    We are delighted with this report and look forward to working closely with him and all other stakeholders as we restore LEE together.

    Lena Geswind
    (Chairperson & New Managing Director)

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